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Pick Me Up Piggy

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Pick Me Up Piggy


Horse, Chicken, Mouse and Cow all have special things to do in town. Help Piggy drive each farm friend to where they need to go and then work together to help Piggy remember where to pick up each friend before the truck runs out of petrol! As you drop off each character tell everybody why the Farm Friends need to go to that location. Be as imaginative and creative as you like! The more interesting the story, the more likely you will remember where to pick up each friend later!

Driving a toy truck is more fun, educational and rewarding than ever when children play Pick Me Up, Piggy! In addition to using their imaginations and building fine-motor skills, children will tell stories to improve language skills, remember where to find hidden farm friends, take turns, and work cooperatively to win the game. Kids learn memory, cooperation, story-telling and imagination. 


  • Includes: Game Board, 4 Town Buildings, 13 Driving Cards, Petrol Gauge, 4 Farm Friends and a Wooden Truck
  • 2-4 players
  • Ages: 3+

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