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Wave Riders Baby Doll Dress with Pockets

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Wave Riders Baby Doll Dress with Pockets

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Where the hot sand glistens and the warm waves call, the race is on for our turtles, newly hatched - SO SMALL!
Into the sea, swim baby swim! They paddle paddle paddle until their little flippers get weary and the water is deep.
Let's catch a wave for a ride! Swimming in the current where squishy seaweed floats, they snuggle in for a sleep.
Dreaming and drifting into the deep ocean blue, they awake to see jellyfish - breakfast! DELICIOUS

Our Wave Riders print takes a closer look at one of the most adventuress journeys for the babies of our world.

  • Made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - breathable, natural fibres.
  • Short sleeves with good shoulder protection.
  • POCKETS for collecting all the curious things the waves brought in.
  • Perfectly sized with a full year of growing room.
  • Bright ocean blue with a pink jelly fish trim.
  • Simply the softest cotton in all the lands.

All Coddi & Womple prints are designed with a dream, pencil and paper. Hand drawn, the old school way and brought to life the new school way to celebrate our creatures just. as. they. are - because they are perfect as they are.

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