Collection: Bare Self

The vision of three women; two sisters and their Aunt, Bare Self is a wellness brand for women, here to encourage self-love and self-care.

Bare Self has grown from a small idea in our homes in South-East Queensland, Australia, to a reality where we can help real women. We have a love and passion to celebrate the femininity and empowerment of all women, which has brought us to you.

Our products represent what we stand for, created to encourage our self-love journey, embracing your overall wellness and supporting your sacred cycle. We have hand-picked each ingredient and have chosen only the highest of quality. We are bringing you the most luxurious and delicate of chocolates and all we hope is that you enjoy it as much as we do.

As we branch out and watch Bare Self flourish, we hope to bring you more beautiful self-love practices and products to really help as we all follow our own journey to accept ourselves and give ourselves permission to truly be happy.

Chloe, Jas and Nat