Collection: Hess-Spielzeug

Made from native European wood, the award-winning German toy manufacturer Hess-Spielzeug is one of the leading European manufacturers of quality wooden toys for babies and toddlers.

Their extensive range includes adorable rattles, pram toys, and dummy holders just to mention a few. All Hess toys are made in Germany under environmentally friendly conditions and using only carefully selected materials. The toys are made from high-quality European wood (such as beech and maple) from renewable resources.

All paints and stains are water-based and 100% non-toxic and saliva-resistant. All other materials used such as strings, elastics, and glues are also non-toxic and child-safe. Any metal parts such as clips and bells are nickel free. Hess toys fully comply with European and Australian Safety Standards for Toys.

Their ambition is to make the life of babies and children from the first day a little bit more interesting, to promote and accompany them in their development.

Hess wooden toys ... ... toys with heart

The company was founded in 1990 in the small Erzgebirge town Olbernhau by Günter Hess and the family business continues to produce exclusively in Germany. Over 70 employees work in the three operating locations Olbernhau, Blumenau and Grünthal. The assembly work is carried out by over 100 people in their homes.

While initially only manual work was available, the most modern technology is now in use. Various CNC machines, robots and modern printing techniques ensure that, despite production in Germany, the range is well priced.

With babies and toddlers being the end user, safety is a top priority and constant checks guarantee top quality and compliance with safety regulations.