Collection: Confetti Blue

Two Mothers from Australia who know exceptional products after both of us independently owned successful, award-winning businesses prior to co-founding Confetti Blue in 2021.
Raya has ADHD and both Lisa and Raya have Neurodivergent children. This means they are both acutely aware of the impacts a negative neurodiversity view has on individuals.
Their collective passion for our children to be included and given the same opportunities as any other person is what saw the invention of our world-first DIY Perfume Kits and to go on to develop our water based body sprays.
Their mission is to make lasting change on humans everywhere so that 1 in 5 of our peers won't be excluded, bullied, shamed or embarrassed because of their diversities. They aim to do this by getting Confetti Blue products onto shelves and in hands globally so they can help grow the social awareness for all kinds of diversity and in turn, be part of a better future for humans everywhere.