Collection: Scribble Mat


My name is Emma and I am the person behind Scribble Mat. I have been a stay at home mum since 2017, and am a former secondary school teacher. I like to buy toys and crafts that last more than one use, and prefer to be screen free as much as I can.
I live in rural Tasmania on a hobby farm, and my farm animals feature on the farm mat.

Scribble Mat started when I wanted something to have in the car for meals out, or road trips other than pens and paper, which always get lost and then have to be recycled.
With Scribble Mat children can colour in the mats, then wipe clean to be used again.
I want to be as waste free as possible hence the choice for four pens linked to our logo. The pens fit into the felt pouch for easy storage.

I hope you enjoy our mats. We like to do them sitting in front of the fire at home, or we take them out with us. My daughter doesn’t tire of them and by having four colours she uses her imagination more.