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Colour Changing Umbrella – Dinosaur

Colour Changing Umbrella – Dinosaur

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Rainy days become a time-travel adventure with this Colour Changing Umbrella. This exciting umbrella brings the prehistoric world to life, as its dinosaur-themed designs magically change colour in the rain, fascinating children with every downpour.


Magical Colour-Changing Dinosaurs: The umbrella features delightful dinosaur illustrations that transform with vibrant colours when wet, captivating young palaeontology enthusiasts.
Returns to Original Colour When Dry: After the rain stops and the umbrella dries, the colours revert to their original state, ready for the next rainy day adventure.
Sturdy and Child-Friendly: Designed with durable materials and easy for small hands to hold, this umbrella is both functional and fun for children.
Engaging Dinosaur Theme: Adorned with a variety of dinosaur species, it’s an excellent choice for kids who are fascinated by these magnificent creatures of the past.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Dinosaur is a fantastic way to make rainy days exciting and educational. It combines the practical need for staying dry with the thrill of discovering dinosaurs, turning a simple walk in the rain into a journey through prehistory. This umbrella is a must-have for little dinosaur lovers.

  • Age 3+
  • Size: 60 x 70cm
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