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ViViD POP! Water Based Paint Markers

ViViD POP! Water Based Paint Markers

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Unleash Your Creativity on Every Surface!

Product Description:
Redefine the boundaries of your artistic expression with OOLY’s Vivid Pop! paint markers. This dynamic set boasts eight water-based acrylic markers, each pouring out vibrant shades that truly pop. Designed meticulously for multi-surface application, these markers effortlessly glide on materials ranging from rocks, wood, and cardboard to traditional paper.

Key Features:

🌟 Multi-Surface Mastery: Whether you’re crafting a quaint rock garden, designing a unique cardboard sculpture, or doodling on a wood sign, these markers have got you covered. They’re also perfect for non-porous surfaces like glass, glazed ceramic, and whiteboards.

🖍 Vibrant Colours: Dive into a spectrum of eight bright and radiant colours, each designed to stand out and make your creations pop.

🎨 Quick-Drying & Versatile: Designed to dry rapidly on porous surfaces, these markers also come off clean on non-porous surfaces, sans the overpowering alcohol aroma.

Why Choose the Vivid Pop! Paint Markers?
Broaden the horizons of your creativity. Whether it’s paper, rock, wood, or glass, let every surface be your canvas with the Vivid Pop! markers.


  • Ages 8+
  • Set of 8 water-based paint markers
  • Opaque colours
  • Non-toxic
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